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About Us

TK2 Academy is a coding bootcamp in Boca Raton with a mission to transform the lives of our students through the power of computer education. Whether your goal is to develop a new skill set, get a jump start on higher education or undergo a complete career change, we believe in harnessing the gifts of each student to decode their potential. Our students are engineers, artists, journalists, entrepreneurs, financial analysts, folks just out of college and the world’s future coders.

Located in the heart of South Florida, we offer web immersive, iOS and Android development courses. While programming literacy is our school’s primary focus, our courses are built to develop both the individual’s programming and business skills for ease of integration into the real world post-graduation. We capitalize on an extensive network of partnering companies and career resources to find alumni jobs or guide them through the process of entrepreneurship. Simply put, our students graduate ready to take on the world.