Is Android Coding a Sustainable Career?

Is Android Coding a Sustainable Career?

The Android mobile platform is without question the largest ecosystem for mobile devices. In Q1 of 2017, Android was the operating system present on 86.1% of all mobile devices. The nearest competitor, iOS, has a small but profitable 13.7% share of the market, with the remainder being made up of non-mainstream platforms like Windows Phone. If you’re a developer that is interested in mobile, then it is only logical that your area of focus should be on Android coding.
However, before you can start training for any career, you’ll need to determine whether your career path is sustainable.
Let’s take a look at whether Android coding West Palm Beach is a smart move for your future.

Android’s Market Dominance is a Good Indication of Future Stability

Android CodingSince 2009, Android has quickly grown to become the dominant mobile platform. By the beginning of 2011, it had become the leader in mobile market share. Since that time, no other platform has come close to challenging Android’s dominance.

From a developer’s standpoint, the sheer number of Android devices in existence are enough to provide confidence in the platform. If you want to perform android coding and have the largest potential market for your applications, then Android is definitely the platform to code for.
Android development is not just sustainable because of it is the leading platform, but it’s also sustainable from the standpoint that many of the development skills are transferable. If you’re familiar with Java then you will find it relatively easy to start in Android development. Java isn’t the only way to get apps onto Android, and it’s possible to use LUA programming language on the Corona SDK kit. HTML5, C#, and even Unity and Unreal development is also used on the Android platform. This means that there’s plenty of opportunity to diversity, and when you learn a language for use on Android coding West Palm Beach, you’ll also be able to develop apps for other platforms (with minor changes in the coding and approach to development).

The Future of Commerce is on Mobile

When you learn Android app development for beginners, you’ll develop the necessary skills that will help you to create the apps of the future. Mobile is now more important than ever before because mobile devices are used for everything from internet banking, to ordering groceries. Mobile search is now bigger than the desktop search market, and people all over the world use mobile devices as their primary computing devices. There is so much opportunity for growth in the market, which means that your skills in coding apps for Android will be in high demand.

Developers earn competitive salaries when working for today’s businesses, or you could even apply your skills as a developer to create your own app, and potentially even create the next breakout hit in mobile gaming, social media, or entertainment. Your potential as a developer is only limited by your skills and your imagination, so attending a school that teaches android app development for beginners will be essential to kick start your career.

A Sustainable Career Should Be Interesting and Challenging

Android Coding School in Boca RatonWe’ve already determined that Android is an ideal development platform because of its high market penetration and suitability for different coding languages, but it’s not just the technical things that help to make a career sustainable.
If you want a long and rewarding career, then you’ll need to make sure that you work in an industry where you feel engaged and motivated. Android coding and development definitely ticks all of the right boxes in this area.

Android development will keep you motivated because there’s always something new to learn. The Android OS is in a constant state of change, with new major releases coming out roughly every year. This means that you can continually innovate with the apps and features that you develop. In addition to upgrades to the operating system, Android devices are also constantly evolving, allowing for a thriving app ecosystem that is unlike any other at this time. If you have previously developed for other platforms, then you will enjoy the challenge and flexibility that android coding can offer.

Learn the Ropes with a Leading Android Coding School in Boca Raton

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